Motormark – Chrome Tape – Review


Chrome Tape (DHR)
by Scott Hefflon

Are those guitars? Wait, a melody? Is this really a DHR CD?!? Yes, DHR (Digital Hardcore Recordings, in case yer new) have finally stopped releasing the same one record over and over again. Atari Teenage Riot was a blast, sure, and they really shook things up a decade ago, damn right. Then they milked that one trick. Imagine if Rage Against the Machine started a label, and every CD was either by them, solo/spin-offs of them, or was a Rage ATM tribute band. The revolution wasn’t televised, it was beat into the ground through mid-numbing repetition until people found another pretty, shiny object to gawk at.

Motormark? A male and female duo, Scottish, with jaunty guitars, snappy beats, and light distortion on vocals by both. Oooh, the bio calls his “harrowing” vocals. That’s good. She’s a little more tense, jarring, yipping. But they sing. Trendy indie scenester fucks might bop along and not realize they’ve joined the revolution. Sweet. (Always wondered how the revolution was supposed to be won by yelling the word revolution over and over all distorted and nasty sounding, as the crowd thinned cuz, uh, that was evidently all that was gonna happen.)