Slunt – EP – Review


EP (Repossession)
by Craig Regala

Quickie presaging the full-length. Five tracks of party hard neo-sleaze rock based in early Kiss, Joan Jet, Quarterflash, Backyard Babies, and The Donnas. A nice sense of space and melodic roll flows out of the pool of duh these folks stand in. This is the musical move that gave the ’80s hair bands a chance and breathing room. It’s also what pretty much made’m the “power pop” of the mid-’80s as opposed to the classic retread of “power pop” by Beatles fans without Beatles talent.

Slunt‘s got it all down, the recording perfectly articulates the thrust & parry of the vocals/guitar riding the blunt throb of the rhythm team. No hits yet, but hey, I wouldn’t be surprised if the long-player had one. The cover of Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never” is better than QOTSA’s, but still misses the pain and manipulation of the original. If they need a writing partner, I suggest that guy in Crash Kelly: He’s got hooks for miles.