The Prozacs – Monsters Night Out – Review

theprozacs200The Prozacs

Monsters Night Out (Cheapskate)
By Sarah Katz

Pop punk with catchy tunes and simple lyrics galore. Bop your head and shake your butt, because simplicity is bliss. These boys from Western MA have something going on, and while it isn’t going to change the way of music, it’s fun. And fun is good. Oh! And what a superb band name!

“All of Tonight,” the “love” song makes me all gooey inside as I stare out the window, waiting for Prince Charming. In a ’50s “whoa-oh-oh” vein is “Cupid’s Revenge” which cracks me up with a chorus of “I’m in love with myself.” But truthfully, the whole album is enjoyable, especially when you’re singing along in the shower. My only beef is when “You Don’t Know” comes to and end, and every time (really, every flippin’ time), I sit for a good minute before going, “Wait, that’s it?!” I’m hungry for more because, goddammit, it makes me happy. I’m jonesin’ for The Prozacs. Thank the Lord there’s more on the way. Short but sweet, and I love every minute of it.