Wumpscut – Evoke – Review


Evoke (Metropolis)
By Wa

Evoke is best described as a scaled-back version of the Wumpscut project. If you bring your imagination and wear your emotions on your sleeve, then it will certainly evoke something. Specifically what, I can’t quite be sure. Those who enjoyed earlier Wumpscut releases may find Evoke to be too sparse and cold. Evoke seems to be a clear effort by Rudy Ratzinger to reach beyond the industrial modes that he’s exhibited on earlier releases. It’s not a success, nor is it a failure. More accurately, it’s an album that lacks focus.

The highlights on Evoke nearly always contain the vocal efforts of Jane M. Without her, Evoke could easily become just another one of the many industrial cogs in the dance machine. Her lush vocals – particularly on the emotionally and physically raped “Maiden,” and the longing and devotional “Hold” – provide a wonderful counterpoint to the crisp synth lines and marching beats that form the crux of each track. Her voice is effective at drawing us into the raging inner conflict. These songs aside and we’re left with only the deadpan Ratzinger vocal performance of the title track, and the instrumentally-minded “Tomb” for anything approaching the same intensity.

After that, the album rapidly bogs down with monotonous tracks. By the time we arrive at the quirky “Maiden” remix by Nersoton, we’re struggling to even care. Only the most fervent Wumpscut fan is likely to enjoy the full-length release.