Generations – A Hardcore Compilation – Review


A Hardcore Compilation (Revelation)
by Tim Den

I swear, I thought this was a reissue when I first popped it in. Look at the artwork! Listen to the raw recordings! Check out those old school breakdowns! Can Generations really be a product of 2005? Apparently so, and thank fucking god. In an age when everyone’s trying to out Coheed And Cambria each other or Throwdown in the pit, it’s nice to see young bands wearing Warzone shirts and yelling lyrics like “never have shit to say, but something’s always coming out of your mouth… you fucking judge, but where are the facts? Face it, you don’t know shit, you’re just another problem that I don’t want to deal with” (“Never Stop” by Lights Out). I mean, COME ON! Get fucking stoked and thrash!

Some have better recording than others, some are better players than others, but overall, the vibe is the same: The early Revelation years when Side By Side, Chain of Strength, and Youth of Today made the kids to go apeshit. A few bands throw in more variety (Blacklisted chug a tad, Robot Whales [nice Into Another homage] slow it down a notch, etc.), but for the most part, it’s blindingly fast with a creepy-crawly middle for the mosh crews. You probably haven’t heard of most of these bands – the only one I’m familiar with is Toronto’s Fucked Up – but let me tell ya, they all rule, especially Righteous Jams who (obviously very tongue-in-cheek) declare “BOSTON STRAIGHT EDGE IN FULL EFFECT! Dancefloor Justin KICK IT!!!”

So put on that hoodie and those old camouflage pants, it’s time for a pile-up! More: Go It Alone, Lion of Judah, Iron Boots, Keep It Up, Snake Eyes, Internal Affairs, Sinking Ships, Down To Nothing, Cold World, Mind Eraser, Mental.