Johnie 3 – Review

johnie3200Johnie 3

by Ewan Wadharmi

Not to be confused with The Three Johns, or are they? Either way, Johnie 3 has no problem wearing its influences on the album sleeve. Emblazoned in neon letters across the guitar are The Ramones, The Queers, and, of course, Ricky Martin. What the? That does speak to the boys’ (and girl’s) sense of humor, naming songs “Mmm Bop,” “Roxanne,” and “Girls Girls Girls” when they have nothing to do with the songs we all know and loathe. The subject matter is similarly dated by ten or fifteen years, with references to Saved By The Bell and an unhealthy fascination with Alyssa Milano. This is not to say that Johnie 3 is not wall to wall fun, because it most certainly is. Non-stop pre-pubescent thrills and crass jokes regarding tea-bagging and beating off to Beach Boys are made to sound like it was recorded in one shot. As excited as a teen jazzed on Ritalin.