Danko Jones – Sleep is the Enemy – Review

dankojones200Danko Jones

Sleep is the Enemy (Razor & Tie)
by Tim Den

Though Americans are just getting to know Danko Jones, the man (and his band) have been tearing up the hard rock scene for the better part of half a decade. With solid-as-a-rock four-on-the-floor beats and rhythmiclicious riffs that recall AC/DC as well as Queens Of The Stone Age, the band makes you writhe, headbang, and drink like it’s ’74. Similarities can be drawn to The Hellacopters (but less glam), The Darkness (but no falsetto or silly solos), and Supersuckers (except slower), but Danko Jones somehow sound like a unique entity, thanks in part to the vocals: Less rambunctious, over-the-top, and high-ranged as his counterparts, Mr. Jones nonetheless makes his deep-ish pipes a seductive tool. Whoever said you gotta be Bon Scott or Paul Stanley to make this shit work? Hey, Gene Simmons got ’em wet too, right? He certainly didn’t do it with his personality! So if you’re looking to sweat some blood and lose some sleep in the name of the six-string shake, look no further than Sleep is the Enemy.