Magic – Review

August 26, 2006

Anthony Hopkins in an early role as Corky, a magician down on his luck and short on his sanity. Corky is a ventriloquist, with a freaky dummy named Fats.

Dead End – Review

August 25, 2006

Part humorous, part drama, mostly creepy, with the bonus of Lin Shaye as the mom. She was the nasty landlady that Roy Munson reluctantly “services” in Kingpin.

The Hazing – Review

August 25, 2006

A fun film in the style of Night of the Demons, with just the right amount of nudity and fun gore. Look for the horny dismembered tongue scene.

The Hills Have Eyes – Review

August 25, 2006

The full uncut version on DVD with some nifty features like a making-of, trailers, commentary, and production diaries.

Coroner’s Corner – Column

August 25, 2006

My first reaction was “why?” but my final reaction is “oh my!” I’m speaking of the Alexandre Aja remake of the 1977 Wes Craven classic, The Hills Have Eyes.

Artimus Pyledriver – Review

August 25, 2006

Man, does this album roar. Think of Speedealer or Nashville Pussy or COC crossed with Entombed or Cathedral (work with me), and you’re on your way to deaf.

Voivod – Katorz – Review

August 25, 2006

Katorz is jumpy, nervy, punchy, and organic, like an early Voivod album, the guys finding a punk rock ethic that inspires to action.

Goldfrapp – Supernature – Review

August 25, 2006

Goldfrapp were able to create a luscious universe without resorting to cheap 4/4 disco beats, but on Supernature, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything but.

Overloaded – Hellfire EP – Review

August 25, 2006

From Detroit, where they don’t take kindly to emoting sissy rock, these boys pound like WASP, howl like Halford, and “Shotgun City” beats “Jamie’s Got a Gun.”

Darlington – Sex – Review

August 18, 2006

Like mid-’90s Screeching Weasel and The Queers, the bubblegum punk is irresistible, naively sweet and perfect.

The Never – Antarctica – Review

August 18, 2006

A quartet out of Chapel Hill, NC led by guitarist/vocalist Noah Smith and pianist/composer Ari Picker. The two have been collaborators since childhood.

Naio Ssaion – Out Loud – Review

August 18, 2006

Like Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, but heavier on the metal and lighter on the annoying guy vocals (rapping in Evanescence, constipated roar of Lacuna Coil).

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