Magic – Review

August 26, 2006

Anthony Hopkins in an early role as Corky, a magician down on his luck and short on his sanity. Corky is a ventriloquist, with a freaky dummy named Fats.

Dead End – Review

August 25, 2006

Part humorous, part drama, mostly creepy, with the bonus of Lin Shaye as the mom. She was the nasty landlady that Roy Munson reluctantly “services” in Kingpin.

The Hazing – Review

August 25, 2006

A fun film in the style of Night of the Demons, with just the right amount of nudity and fun gore. Look for the horny dismembered tongue scene.

The Hills Have Eyes – Review

August 25, 2006

The full uncut version on DVD with some nifty features like a making-of, trailers, commentary, and production diaries.

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