Crucified Barbara – In Distortion We Trust – Review

crucifiedbarbara200Crucified Barbara

In Distortion We Trust (Liquor and Poker)
by Martin Popoff

I like the idea of this band more than its execution, Crucified Barbara being four gals logically next in line after Girlschool, Phantom Blue, Nashville Pussy, Kittie, and Lullacry, sounding safely like a mash-up between all of those. Their association with American Dog bode well for them, and this isn’t exactly bad, it’s just ordinary, with too many droning, sloggy down-tuned Zakk riffs supported only halfway by songs a nü punk band might do. Vocally, Mia Coldheart does a strong traditional female “sing,” shouting a bit, but never, thankfully, death metal to the pedaling it. It only takes a song or two in to realize that the gals aren’t writing in their native tongue, which causes a bit of distraction, given the clarity with which Mia croons her “We’re here to rock” exhortations. Love the closing cover of Motörhead’s “Killed By Death,” because that’s one of the most charming songs of the catalogue, and the gals’ huge, riffy production does the song justice. Still, I don’t think the riffs are here, sorta like Dirty Deeds, Buckcherry, Union, or that last Lullacry versus the previous one.