Not The Same Old Song and Dance – A Tribute to Aerosmith – Review

Not The Same Old Song and Dance

A Tribute to Aerosmith (Deadline)
by Martin Popoff

This is probably the most pleasing way to do one of these things, stuff it full of fantastic guest stars and enjoy the ride. The music’s pretty much predictable here, but that’s cool because it’s the vocalists who take centre scarf. Pure guilty pleasure is Ted Nugent, who is nicely matched to “Rag Doll.” An even better match is Ronnie James Dio with, you guessed it, “Dream On” (guitar über-wank by Yngwie). But you know who steals the show? Bad boy Vince Neil, who is the man born for “Chip Away the Stone,” a cool semi-rarity for the band, a great hunk of Stones that Vince shakes up and sprays all over your party dress. Man, pretty much every slot is filled by a legend or semi-legend here. I mean, this was no quick crap thing, despite the cheapo packaging. Recommended.

Putting in appearances are members of Slaughter, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger/Styx/Damn Yankees, The Tubes, the Doobie Brothers, Warrant, L.A. Guns, Ratt, and more.
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