Fuck the System – Review

dvd-fuckthesystem200Fuck the System

with Rob Rotten
Written by Rob Rotten
(Metro Interactive)
by Stevo

Every culture and sub-culture wants to see themselves reflected in music, books, movies, and, whether they admit it or not, pornography. Rob Rotten recognizes this, and as a tattoo-covered punk scumbag, he’s taking punks, skaters, and skins to places Suicide Girls wouldn’t dare. A town I like to call hardcorefuckingpornographyville.

Rob’s been in porn himself for a number of years, but made his directorial debut in ’03. Fuck the System has some pretty rough spots visually, but I can’t decide if it’s like a band’s amazing demo tape that just blows your mind because of the rawness of it, or if he’s still trying to figure out proper lighting. There are a few things that are certain though: Rob needs a more liberal Editor, and if you’re going to do anal without lube, you’re going to need that Editor to cut out the few brutal minutes of trying to work some gigantic skinhead’s cock into that five foot tall girl’s ass. The height of the raw/shittiness of the whole deal almost ruining a scene is the strobe effect that goes off and on in the second scene. It takes place in a club where the Smut Peddlers are lip-synching to their own songs, and Rob himself comes in to nail this fairly gnarly chick with a few more bruises and rashes on her ass than a girl I’d personally get down on. I’m not epileptic, but I thought I was going to have a fucking seizure. I’m sure they didn’t know the camera was going apeshit as they were filming, but when you get that film in the editing room and you see it’s totally fucked, to me, you sort of have to say “shit, that sucks, we can’t use this.” Rob, however, sees it a little differently, and decided to keep it as is and not edit it in the slightest. Is that charming or annoying? This time, I’m siding with annoying.

I won’t bore you by breaking down all five of the scenes, this is pornography, after all, not some dramatic piece of German existential film that needs a thesis for you to fully grasp it’s importance. Two, sometimes three adults get together, touch each other, and stuff comes out, all to a punk soundtrack. The important detail for you porno hounds is you’re pretty much getting everything barring animals, piss, and shit. Guy on girl anal, oral, DP, gagging, what I would definitely call humiliation, fucking on skateboards, and the first beer and cum shot I’ve ever seen. The girls for the most part are pretty rough around the edges. You’ve definitely seen girls like this at shows, but your first thought probably wasn’t “Gee, I’d like to see that girl in some brutal porno,” it was “Man, is she okay? She’s still breathing right?” as her boyfriend in a GG Allin shirt starts to feel her up. Musically, the soundtrack is pretty cool: Rancid, Youth Brigade, Anal Cunt, Bonecrusher, The Smut Peddlers, and a bunch of others. My promo copy didn’t come with one, but apparently, there’s a bonus CD of the soundtrack that comes with this thing.