Dwarves – FEFU – Review


by Craig Regala

Ah, the persistence of vision; such an important trait, and fuck me if Blag doesn’t have a dumpster full. Young girls, actual little people, blood, sex ‘n’ violence have been explicitly expressed via song and performance as the Dwarves spill seed into their third decade. Jimmy Johnson stated (in Forced Exposure #15 1989, in the Lookin’ For A Warm Teabag EP review), “The band evolved from a brilliant kill-paisley-psyche band.” (referencing Horror Stories on Voxx in ’86.) Well they certainly did, and they’re nice enough to provide evidence in a video from then. It spins off nice Cramps-damaged death rock garage vibe; the kind you really can’t get enough of.

After that, “something” happened, and they replaced the Gothly garage slink with some sorta early Misfits, Meatmen, GG Allin blitz, all tied up with rambunctious hooks. This period has lasted pretty much from ’90 until now, with much of the last decade filled out with a few sly, fast, hard rock/nü-what-not eyerollers/pisstakes worthy of the Zappa/late Butthole Surfers brand of yucks, albeit without those joker’s prog.art.boredom.com flow.

FEFU being live gunk goes right for the retard/genius slapdash “look at my dick, here’s a tune every pissant ‘I toured with Green Day’ punk band wish they coulda scribed.” It’s nice to see the actual club level “you throw punches, we’re gonna throw’m back” reality made evident of their actual history. The guy uses “masticate,” not to show off, but because he needed another cool word for “chew” that rhymed good.

The video for “FEFU” (“Fuck Eat and Fuck You Up”) is as coherent an aesthetic as exists in rock and roll. To wit: “Life is simple, it ain’t complex, we masticate and then we fight and sex/ that’s enough for us, that’s a enough for me” and “They circumcise, they tell you lies/ and they getcha, and they hate you if you ever wonder why.” Like Lemmy, the plainspoken smart/witty delivery describes the base reality Blag preaches as self-evident truth. You get the feeling he practices what he preaches. Oh, in the video, a jillion Suicide Girls are carrying on in slow-mo sex mode, covered with blood, with less clothes on than you could hide in a coffee cup between all of’m.