Hypnos 69 – The Eclectic Measure – Review

hypnos69200Hypnos 69

The Eclectic Measure (Electrohasch)
by Craig Regala

Fine Euro-hard rock via ’75 roots with contemporary flow and energy. Yeah, you’ll think retro, but so what? We all come from somewhere/sometime, we don’t pick. With enough courage, we choose what we’re going to jump from to get through the day, regardless of popularity/career aspirations. These guys use moves developed 30 years ago (who doesn’t, really?) and subtract the watery/wandering parts that dullards took from that period and tighten everything into a package including some sensitive wandering-among-the-gnomes stuff you’d hear on early Yes, Genesis, and Jethro Tull recs. Non-kickass, but “hard rock” (to your mom, anyway) like Be Bop Deluxe, Man, Genesis, Spirit, and Wish You Were Here/Animals-era Pink Floyd is also in evidence as those units “acid folking out/progging up” gives Hypnos 69 another way to say “hi.”

Sheeet, the overall theme of the album (as they’ve said) is infused with the writings of Carl Jung. So look’m up. You get clarinet, glockenspiel, mellotron, Moog, saxophone, and theramin to open the sound, and a well-paced approach with the energy and tact to float notes, melodies, and jazz time-keeping, without dunderheaded sissified hollering. I’m for it. You should be, too. Options lead to genetic success, right? If I had some back issues of Eurock Magazine (The Book of Eurock includes all the feature articles published by Eurock Magazine during its 30 years of existence. 708 pages), I’d wave’m in your face. But I don’t. Bing! But the web does, so I’ll fucking just go ahead and e-wave’m at ya ’cause I want you to have access to good stuff on the side roads of the Hip City limits, ok? The Eclectic Measure makes the cut, so I’ll wave it around because I have it right now, and you could to. Spin it with The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Mammoth Volume, Generous Maria, Focus, Man, Pink Floyd, The Who, and Lupine Howl.