Uncyclopedia – Review


by Ewan Wadharmi

“The Uncyclopedia is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is. I mean you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to this.” Listen, it helps to recognize this quote, or at least have an appreciation for Onionesque humor to understand a reference guide of this magnitude.

It’s patterned off the “Massively Multiplayer Online Editing Game” Wikipedia, except that The Uncyclopedia is chock full of B.S. What am I saying? It’s exactly like Wikipedia in that respect, except that it’s gut-twistingly funny. Once upon a time, a couple of contributors got fed up with being repeatedly banned from Wikipedia for posting false and misleading entries. (Specifically, attributing various quotes to Oscar Wilde.) So they created a safe haven for misinformation, flame wars, and Chuck Norris memes.

website-uncyclopediaphotoRandom humor about huffing kittens takes on a life of its own. Rumors of Abe Vigoda’s death are prematurely compounded to Kenny McCormick proportions. New fears abound with the introduction of Decapitation Disease, and Exploding Head Syndrome. Science marvels such as the Idiotic Table of the Elements and Stereotype Reassignment Surgery receive ample coverage. And you’ll cheer as the founders live out the American dream by giving former boss Jimmy Wales the public come-uppance I’d like to lay out on Lollipop‘s Scott Hefflon. And since anyone can submit material to Uncyclopedia, once I have my way, Hefflon’s gonna make John Wayne Gacy look like Albert Schweitzer!

The best way to enjoy The Uncyclopedia is to log on from a laptop whilst seated on the The Seat of Ultimate Power, select the Random page link, and go link hopping from there. The best way to piss off The Uncyclopedia is to feed its grandmother to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.