NHL 2K8 – Review

g-nhl2k8200NHL 2K8

(2K Sports for Xbox 360)
By Mike Delano

2K Sports games are always fun to play, but in 2007, they haven’t been too much fun to look at. While EA took its Madden and NHL franchises to new heights with sleek graphics and speed boosts to the gameplay, the 2K responses weren’t able to keep pace. All-Pro Football 2K8 was a strong, ambitious sports title without an NFL license, thanks to its use of the masterfully designed NFL 2K engine, but the experience was tainted by visuals that looked like they hadn’t taken a step forward since 2005. Same goes for NHL 2K8. This series’ action on the ice never had the polish of its pigskin cousin, but everything controls fine, with no hiccups or surprises. Problem is, everything looks pretty ugly. The players aren’t animated very well, and the menus and overall design look like something from a bargain title. The graphical shortcomings don’t ruin this otherwise solid title, but a snazzier presentation sure makes a workmanlike annual update go down a lot easier.