The Offspring – Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace – Review

theoffspring200The Offspring

Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (Columbia)
by Scott Hefflon

Eight albums deep, and this one’s surprisingly listenable from end to end (for those who still actually buy CDs). You can now hear The Offspring tunes on shit radio, squashed between Creed and Duran Duran, and this sucker has the usual radio-fodder (and wanna-be radio-fodder), as well as some actual pop punk gems from a band who’s written more of them than you ever have, so get off your high horse, fucknut. Me? I’m always surprised there are a few tunes on an Offspring album that I like. Yeah, like. Not “don’t hate” or some guarded statement, but “yeah, that’s a good fuckin’ song.” Lots of stuff for teens looking for a rebel anthems who can ignore the irony that the performers of the rebel anthems have kids their age.