Unearthly Trance – V – Review

unearthlytrance200Unearthly Trance

V (Relapse)
By Mike Delano

All of the soul-punchingly morbid dirges one would expect from these new doom heavyweights are waiting to be discovered on V, their fifth full-length. But take a closer look and there are some interesting pieces of debris among the wreckage: “Adversaries Mask 1” has a fascinating push and pull between spare, dark, mood-setting vocals that recall Bauhaus on one side and Chino Moreno-styled cathartic wails on the other. Everything moves a little bit slower and more deliberately in the aptly-titled “Submerged Metropolis,” and just when you think Ryan Lipynsky’s sharp roar is going to drag you to a watery grave, a sweet, rare guitar solo bubbles you back up to the surface. Of course, those who just want their brain battered with epic doom will be served well by “Unveiled” and “The Leveling,” the 14 minutes of punishment that bookend the album. But anyone looking for a more direct route into the abyss should check out the droning “Physical Universe Distorts.”