Agnostic Front – My Life My Way – Review

agnosticfront200Agnostic Front

My Life My Way (Nuclear Blast)
By Mike Delano

Sometimes you gotta get your head outta the clouds. Come back to Earth after listening to a bunch of swords and sorcery epics, overblown concept albums, or sterile showcases of technical wizardry. Just put some boots to the pavement. When that time comes, chances are Agnostic Front has got you covered with another clip of concentrated 120-second hurt bombs, as they do right now with My Life My Way (their tenth album, and first since 2007’s Warriors which, truth be told, had much cooler cover art). “Self Pride,” “Until The Day I Die,” “Us Against the World,” these are the kind of elbow-throwin’ hardcore anthems you’ve been craving since the last time these guys threw down. “A Mi Manera” even throws some Spanish language action into the pit. Like too many similar hardcore albums, it’s still got a couple of midtempo lulls thrown in that pad out the length and work much better live than on record (like the title track), but when AF click into gear and Roger Miret is spittin’ his truth venom, there’s no stoppin’ the stompin’.