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The End Records Acquires Rights For Music For Nations Record Label

Music For Nations was a British independent record label focusing mainly on rock and metal. They were a subsidiary of the larger label distributor Zomba Records and eventually got acquired by Sony Music UK.

Launched in 1983 by Martin Hooker, Music For Nations established itself as a European leader in the rock and metal world, with early signings like Tank, Exciter, Metallica, etc. As Music For Nations grew, the company started signing bands direct.

The End Records recently secured over 50 titles from the now defunct label for North America. The physical versions will be issued over the course of several months starting January 31. Andreas Katsambas spoke to Billboard about this exciting and seminal deal.

“Alt-metal label The End Records has secured a deal for over 50 titles from seminal, now-defunct Music For Nations label, has learned. The catalog, which includes releases from artists like Cradle of Filth and Godflesh, dropped digitally Thanksgiving week, to capitalize on Black Friday shopping. The physical versions will be issued over the course of several months starting January 31.

The UK-based Music For Nations label, whose catalog was absorbed by Sony subsidiary Zomba Records when it folded in 2004, was responsible for early releases by metal mainstays like Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth.

The End Records founder Andreas Katsambas says that the pairing of his label–home to artists like Anvil, Anathema, Badly Drawn Boy, and Mindless Self Indulgence–and the MFN catalog was a natural fit. Though he says it was Sony approached The End with the opportunity, the choice to pick up the titles was more than a good business deal–it was personal.

“I’m a European myself, so I grew up with a lot of those titles,” Katsambas explained of natural fit. “I bought them when they were brand-new, so for me, it was intriguing that there was an opportunity now to help those same artists hopefully introduce them to a new audience in a different time.”

In addition to rereleasing the records, Katsambas says The End is in talks with the bands to tack on bonus material like exclusive new tracks and merchandise to add value for veteran metal fans.

“Sony Music UK are tremendously excited about our new partnership with The End Records,” Sony Music UK’s Commercial Music Group Marketing Director Phil Savill told in an email. “The MFN catalogue is one of the most iconic labels in metal and its great to now have it represented in the U.S. by The End. Andreas impressed us so much with his passion and enthusiasm for the label and his ideas of how to market Metal in America we immediately felt The End was the right home for MFN.”

Katsambas says he’s more than pleased with how the titles are doing on the market thus far. “Things are going very smoothly,” he says. “The whole thing has been very strong from the beginning; each catalog is very strong. It’s going to be a very successful turnout.” ”
– (Devon Maloney)

Music for Nations / The End Records
311, “Evolver”
Anathema, “A Fine Day To Exit”
Anathema, “A Natural Disaster”
Anathema, “Judgement”
Anathema, “Were You There” (Live DVD)
Apes, Pigs & Spacemen, “Snapshot”
Candlemass, “Dactylis Glomerata”
Candlemass, “From The 13th Sun”
Cradle Of Filth, “Cruelty And The Beast”
Cradle Of Filth, “Dusk And Her Embrace”
Cradle Of Filth, “Lovecraft And Witch Hearts”
Cradle Of Filth, “Midan”
Cradle Of Filth, “From The Cradle To Enslave” (EP)
Cradle Of Filth, “PanDaemonAeon DVD”
El Caco, “Viva”
Firebird, Deluxe
Firebird, Firebird
Godflesh, “Hymns”
Hardcore Superstar, Bad Sneakers And A Pina Colada
Hardcore Superstar, Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves)
Hardcore Superstar, No Regrets
InMe, Overgrown Eden
Lost Horizon, “A Flame To The Ground Beneath”
Lost Horizon, “Awakening The World”
Neurosis, “Times Of Grace”
Opeth, “Blackwater Park” (Standard Version)
Opeth, “Blackwater Park Deluxe” (Legacy Edition)
Opeth, “Damnation”
Opeth, “Deliverance”
Opeth, “Lamentations” (Live DVD/2CD)
Paradise Lost, “Draconian Times”
Paradise Lost, Evolve (Live DVD)
Paradise Lost, Shades Of God
Paradise Lost, Icon
Paradise Lost, Draconian Times – Standard Version
Paradise Lost, Draconian Times (Legacy Edition) (CD/DVD)
Paradise Lost, One Second
Paradise Lost, Reflection (Best Of…)
Spiritual Beggars, “Ad Astra”
Spiritual Beggars, “On Fire”
Spiritual Beggars, “Another Way To Shine”
Spiritual Beggars, “Mantra III”
Sugarcoma, “Becoming Something Else”
Three Days Grace, “Three Days Grace”
Vaux, There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them
Various Artists, “Loud Music For Loud People”
Vision of Disorder, From Bliss To Devastation
Will Haven, WHVN
Will Haven, Carpe Diem
Witchery, Symphony For The Devil

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