Boston’s Vanna releases video bundles – News

Boston’s Vanna releases video bundles

Boston based music technology startup Indie Ambassador, the team behind mobile portfolio, is proud to announce the release of two exclusive VANNA media packages that were recorded at Strewnshank Studio in May 2012.  

Package #1 consists of a live recording of VANNA’s original song “Eyes Like the Tides” off their latest album And They Came Baring Bones, and a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Perfect Drug.”

Package #2 consists of these same two audio recordings plus a live recording of VANNA covering Nirvana’s classic “Breed.” In addition, package #2 will also include professionally produced live studio videos of VANNA performing “Eyes Like The Tides” and “Perfect Drug.”   

Like always, all material can be enjoyed for free at, but everything is also available for purchase, with package #1 priced at $1.99 and package #2 priced at $3.49. All proceeds will be split with the band 50/50. Either package can be purchased on Indie Ambassador’s bandcamp page at Accompanying the songs and videos is an interview with the band concerning their music industry experiences, their appreciation of online and on-tour lesson teaching service Bandhappy, how they make the most of Warped Tour every year, and what’s in store for the rest of their 2012.

About Vanna
Vanna, a post-hardcore band from Boston, just got off the national Warped Tour and have returned to New England to continue writing new material for their next release, head out on a regional holiday tour near the end of the year, and will be entering the studio in early 2013.