Serianna release new single “Deadweight” – News

Serianna release new single “Deadweight”

Serianna are excited to announce their new single “Deadweight” has released worldwide! The band is busy writing for their second album for Bullet Tooth but wanted to give fans an early taste with a brand new song to tie them over until early 2013. The new single is as heavy as ever and incredibly emotional as their fans have come to expect.

Singer and lyricist Chris Nutting checked in to say,  “This song is a precursor to the new album we are currently writing, in a sense of what style we are adapting into. DEADWEIGHT is all about cutting out the people who hold you down in life, and being happy at the end of the day with who you are and what you stand for.”

Guitarist and songwriter Kris Meyer-Ruef said, “We couldn’t be more excited to be releasing a new song, I think we all felt it was time to breathe new life into our music and this song is a definite creative departure for us. We got to go heavier, bigger and more soulful than our music has ever been, but this is only the beginning!”

Meanwhile drummer Chris Ferraro commented, “Deadweight is a huge step for Serianna. We have done our best to show an honest, real side of our music, holding nothing back. It’s really exciting to take steps like these because it’s new, it’s fresh, and I believe people will find it much more interesting and fun than our previous work. Focusing on catchy chorus’s and song structuring instead of riff spamming over blast beats. This is a collection of how we have all felt over the years. People have always told us “no, you can’t.” and this is the first time we have written a song, and no one told us “no.” For anyone who has felt down and out. For anyone who has felt unhappy and completely trapped in your current situation. For anyone who has been told “No, you will never make it anywhere.” This song is for you. Keep moving forward, do things today that others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. We all have deadweight in our lives, in some form or another. It can get exhausting, but only you have the choice to let it all go.”

Serianna just released their brand new music video for their new single “Lose Yourself”! The song, originally by Eminem, premiered recently at and is available for download at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and everywhere else music is available. The music video was filmed while the guys were on tour by director and close friend Sam Link (Sleeping With Sirens, Decoder). The video is streaming NOW on YouTube.

The debut album “Inheritors” from Serianna (Madison, WI) is available everywhere NOW!  Fans can listen to the songs “Fragments” and “Guilty Spark” at their Facebook page, and watch a live music video for “Virtues” directed by Sam Link (Sleeping With Sirens, Decoder) from the recent Motel 6 “Rock Yourself To Sleep” Tour.  Their songs “Fragments” and “Inheritors” are also available NOW on Rock Band for Xbox 360.  The band has recently been on tour with Alesana, A Skylit Drive, Sleeping With Sirens, Affiance, Memphis May Fire, Attila, and more!