Resident Evil – Revelations – Review

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Resident Evil Revelations

(Capcom for Xbox 360)
By Mike Delano

After the all-you-can-eat buffet that was Resident Evil 6, a game that stuffed stealth, driving and air combat (!) sections into its bloated (but often bombastically entertaining) action adventure, it feels like the natural next step for the franchise is to streamline. That trim-the-fat reboot may or may not happen with the next numbered sequel, but in the meantime, Resident Evil Revelations is a welcome reminder of the good that comes when the series stays focused. It’s an HD version of last year’s Nintendo 3DS game, and it strikes the right balance between the refined action of Resi 4 & 5 and the creepy survival horror elements that defined the original. The varied locales and shifting cast of playable characters give the game a fairly grand scope, and, coupled with the sharp graphics, it’s shocking to think this was once all crammed into a handheld game. There are reminders of its portable origins, though: The environments sometimes feel sparse, there’s not a ton of enemy variety and, sharp as they are, you won’t mistake the visuals for Crysis 3. Great third-person shooting and tense exploration is the true heart of the series, though, and Revelations has this covered. Alternating between series regulars Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield (and some other cast members), you’ll scour a creepy abandoned cruise ship and mow down mutated freaks while uncovering a far-reaching conspiracy. The campaign pacing is just right, and the expansive, Mercenaries-style Raid Mode extends the life of the game significantly, offering a compelling, action-focused reason to return to the darkness again and again.

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