Tiger Junkies release D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers – News

Tiger Junkies release D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers

Hells Headbangers announces October 15th as the international release date for Tiger Junkies’ D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers CD. Deadly committed to the timeless trinity of booze, sex, and nuclear metalpunk, Tiger Junkies are an unholy team-up between Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind and Abigail/Barbatos mainman Yasuyuki Suzuki. To date, the duo have recorded an album entitled D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers (from 2008) as well as 2006’s debut EP Sick of Tiger, and most recently a three-way split with Blüdwülf and Hells Headbangers labelmates CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY. Now, Hells Headbangers collects all these recordings onto one filthy CD, tellingly titled D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers. Taking the best, filthiest aspects of Abigail, Toxic Holocaust, and Barbatos and dirtying them up with the metalpunk masters of the past – Warfare, English Dogs, Venom, and Broken Bones among others – Tiger Junkies offer you a one-way ticket to the guttter…no escape, no remorse! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Tiger Junkies’ D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers CD compilation
1) Sex Sex Sex
2) Stupid Posers Deserve to Die
3) It’s Fucking Happy Time
4) We Are Motherfuckers
5) Porno Slut (Exploited Cover)
6) D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers
7) Metal Punk
8) Tiger Bitch Got A Fuck
9) Sick of Tiger
10) Satanik Metal Fucking Hell (Abigail cover)
11) Sick of Tiger
12) Tiger Junkies Nightmare
13) The Final Slaughter
14) Tiger Bitch
15) It’s Time to Rock ‘n’ Roll
16) Turn It Up!