Dum Dum Girls – Lost Boys and Girls Club – Music Stream

dumdumgirls200Dum Dum Girls

“Lost Boys and Girls Club”
Too True (Sub Pop Records)
release date: release date: 1/27/2014
by Mike Delano

My brother-in-law saw this band open up for Ben Gibbard a while back, and his zero-word review was a lethargic shoulder shrug. So I didn’t have high hopes going in to this but, hey, maybe they’ve improved with age. Maybe not. I’m all for some icy synth-pop (the more Ladytron, the better), but “Lost Boys and Girls Club” is a little too distant even for me. Chilling out to the buzzing hummm of this track is definitely an option, but I like to see evidence of a beating heart a little closer to the surface.

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