Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies Of The Night – Review

leaveseyes200Leaves’ Eyes

Symphonies of The Night (Napalm Records)
release date: 11/25/2013
by Mike Delano

Lacuna Coil can definitely get goofy at times, but damn if their brand of female-fronted metal doesn’t seem like a Renaissance painting when compared to some of the silliness that other bands like Leaves’ Eyes get up to. I know, you’ve gotta have a little sense of humor with some of this stuff, and believe me, I can act out Manowar lyrics with the best of them. And cranking up the dramatics can produce great results. Leaves’ Eyes “My Destiny” is a perfect example. But “Hell To The Heavens” is caught in that dead zone of being too silly to be good, and not silly enough to be great.