The Atlas Moth to release sophomore album The Old Believer – News

The Atlas Moth to release sophomore album The Old Believer

The Atlas Moth, the Chicago-based quintet Pitchfork described as implementing “everything from stoner metal to psychedelic rock, free jazz to electric blues” in their music, release The Old Believer on June 10 via Profound Lore Records.
Pitchfork recently debuted the song “Collider”, the first new material from the 10-song album, which they said “is one of the group’s tightest, most composed songs yet,” adding “The guitars still have that sludged-out Deftones feel-hooky but not polished enough for radio-and Giannopoulos’ black metal shriek still sounds vicious, with a little of that road dog touch he’s been cultivating.”
“This record is an equally large progression as between our first two records but this time is coupled with more experience,” explains singer/guitar player Stavros Giannopoulos (who also moonlights in black metal super group, Twilight). “I feel like we found ourselves on An Ache for the Distance and now we are expanding on our sound more than ever. It’s also the most personal and introspective music we have ever done. We are wearing our hearts on our sleeves with every note.”
The Old Believer, produced The Atlas Moth’s own Andrew Ragin at Chicago’s Wall To Wall Studios, features guests Joe Duplantier (Gojira), Marcus Eliopulos (Stabbing Westward) and Subrosa violinists Kim Pack and Sarah Pendleton. The album’s cover and back art feature a water-reveal stock, which when dipped in water, more graphics are revealed.
The Old Believer track listing:
1. Jet Black Passenger
2. Collider
3. The Sea Beyond
4. Halcyon Blvd
5. Sacred Vine
6. The Old Believer
7. City of Light
8. Wynona
9. Hesperian
10. Blood Will Tell 
The Atlas Moth’s Profound Lore debut, 2011’s An Ache For The Distance, was called “one of the year’s most effective extreme but experimental albums” by Self-Titled with the band’s hometown alt-weekly, The Chicago Reader, calling the release “bluesy, swaggering sludge of the Slow Southern Steel persuasion,” as well as featuring “the sort of austere and crystalline guitar ambience favorite by Isis fans.”
The band recently completed an extensive North American tour with The Ocean and Scale The Summit where they previewed music from The Old Believer. The Atlas Moth will return to the road upon release of The Old Believer, with dates to be announced soon.