Toronto’s Teenage Kicks ride the hype train – News

Toronto’s Teenage Kicks ride the hype train

Toronto’s most anticipated rock band, Teenage Kicks, is making their US video debut via Alternative Press with the premiere of “Curse Words.”  The raw and infectious rock anthem comes from their album Spoils of Youth, which was released this past April via Universal Music Canada. With their latest record in tow, Teenage Kicks is poised to be the next big thing.

Check out the video for ‘Curse Words’ via here:

says guitarist and lead singer Peter van Helvoort: “If you manage to make it through the new video for ‘Curse Words’ without having a seizure you should come and see it live. If you don’t make it through the video unharmed, please don’t sue.”

Teenage Kicks’ latest album Spoils of Youth was made to make you feel. The sibling duo, brothers, Peter and Jeff Helvoort, have been playing in bands together for over a decade and have created the ultimate rock album that can only come from years of enduring countless conflicts and strife. Filled with ten tracks of heavy power rock riffs, honest lyrics and raw emotion, the finished album is the sum of multiple factors including, failed relationships, lost members, bad timing/worse luck, and a hard dose of reality. The result is one of the years most prolific albums.