Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare – Review

g-codadvanced200Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

(Activision for Xbox One)
By Mike Delano

The year 2014 was a scary time for first person shooter fans. Their beloved genre was messed with to no end – some big names ditched singleplayer, others multiplayer; some injected MMO elements, others borrowed from MOBAs; some wouldn’t even let you connect to a simple deathmatch. In this hostile climate, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare feels like comfort food. That’s mostly a good thing. While the series may no longer have any interest in shocking or surprising players, it hardly ever lets them down, either.

The bombastic campaign is always fun, the bugs – if any -are hardly noticeable, there’s a ton of good content, and you can always find and connect to the multiplayer with ease. That everything appears so effortless each November is a testament to the skill of the developers.

Sledgehammer Games is up to bat this year, and they put their stamp on things with a more engaging and cohesive narrative than the series has seen in ages, as well as tweaks to movement and weaponry that have the multiplayer feeling fresh and lively. Plus Kevin Spacey. Advanced Warfare might exist firmly in the realm of the expected, but for shooter fans who have weathered all manner of turbulence recently, this eye of the storm is a great place to be right now.