Senses Fail – Senses Fail / Man Overboard split – Review

sensesfail200Senses Fail

Senses Fail / Man Overboard split (Pure Noise/Rise)
By Mike Delano

Post-hardcore vets Senses Fail and pop punk upstarts Man Overboard team up for this four-song EP, featuring a new song from both bands as well as each band covering one of the other’s choice cuts. It turns out to be a great formula for this compact, energetic 11-minute ride. “All You Need Is Already Within You” from Senses Fail ostensibly teases what sounds to expect on their upcoming 2015 album, and it’s confident and aggressive, turning the inspiring words from the title into a militaristic stomp — a drone strike to self-doubt. Man Overboard’s new song is fine as well, but they’re at their most interesting on their cover of Senses Fail’s “You’re Cute When You Scream,” injecting some pop sensibility into that song’s vicious bite. Likewise, the new take on Man Overboard’s “Real Talk” gives a menacing edge to the emo foundation of that breakup anthem. It was a smart move to pair these two artists, and the end product leaves you excited to see what’s coming next from both camps.