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Thursday albumPost-hardcore heroes Thursday reissue debut album

Collect Records, the independent label founded by Geoff Rickly (Thursday/No Devotion/United Nations), is pleased to announce the expanded reissue of Waiting, the debut album by Thursday, marking the 15th anniversary of its release. As a blueprint for what was to come for the popular post-hardcore band, Waiting receives the full treatment on this reissue which includes the original album remastered and repackaged with all-new original artwork, as well as liner notes penned by Rickly, a deluxe die-cut CD and LP sleeve featuring the iconic Thursday dove logo, and three bonus tracks from theWaiting era (which come in the form of a bonus 7″ single with the vinyl edition). Waiting has been unavailable in physical or digital form since 2012 but is now available.

Long before they sold well over a million records around the world and spearheaded a movement in post-millennium post-hardcore, Thursday were a basement band in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with more modest goals. “What I was into was the community around underground music,” vocalist Geoff Rickly explained in a recent interview with Noisey. “I wanted to put something social together that had its roots in hardcore, but was more tied to the culture and aesthetic of DIY hardcore than it was the sound of it.”

Drummer Tucker Rule agrees with that sentiment, but also suggests that Thursday’s formation might also have a simpler explanation. “Basically, we wrote some songs so we could play Geoff’s basement with Hot Water Music and Saves the Day,” he laughs.

This tension between introspection and immediacy has always been a present factor in Thursday’s musical output, but the way it plays out on Waiting – the band’s first album, originally issued by Eyeball Records in December 1999 – is especially unique: This is the sound of a band at the very beginning of a discovery process that would eventually take them from the basement to the world stage, where Rolling Stone would call them the “most powerful” of their ilk, where SPIN would literally hail them the “next big thing,” where Kerrang! would praise them with being “in an entirely different class” than anything else at their Reading Festival debut.

Having officially gone out of print when Eyeball ceased operations, Waiting has been unavailable in any form since 2012. But this year, on the fifteenth anniversary of its release, Collect Records is finally giving this classic album the definitive reissue package it deserves.

Waiting: The 15-Year Anniversary Edition tracklisting:
01. Porcelain
02. This Side of Brightness
03. Ian Curtis
04. Intro
05. Streaks in the Sky
06. In Transmission
07. Dying in New Brunswick
08. The Dotted Line
09. Where the Circle Ends

7″ (Vinyl) and CD/Digital Bonus Tracks:

10. This Side of Brightness (Demo)
11. Dying in New Brunswick (Demo)
12. Mass as Shadows