The Agonist release new album The Eye of Providence – News

The Agonist release new album The Eye of Providence

Montreal-based five-piece metal outfit The Agonist have released THE EYE OF PROVIDENCE in North America.
THE EYE OF PROVIDENCE, or God’s all-seeing eye, is a piece of religious iconography with origins stemming back to ancient Egypt. But The Agonist aren’t going all History Channel on their new album. The lyrical center isn’t about pyramids, the Freemasons, or its appearance on the United States one-dollar bill. As on previous albums, The Agonist are commenting heavily on advances in monitoring technology, particularly as it relates to governments intruding on the private lives of its citizens. 
“We are embracing a number of new topics,” admits guitarist Danny Marino with a cryptic smile. “The Agonist still wants to be a voice for change. However, there are many socio-political and personal topics that we haven’t yet covered. We get into some of those on this record.” 
The Agonist recently announced they will join the GET REKT TOUR through April in North America with Allegaeon and Product of Hate.