Can’t Swim – Death Deserves A Name – Review

OG12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007]Can’t Swim

Death Deserves A Name EP (Pure Noise)
By Mike Delano

This New Jersey band covers a lot of ground on a 15-minute, 5-song EP. I love the way they’re constantly playing around with song structures – going full force unexpectedly at times and other times letting things build and breathe – but never sounding less than confident and assured. Can’t Swim has aggression and energy to spare — Death Deserves A Name is never less than enthusiastic and compelling, giving off strong Brand New and Deftones vibes (and those are pretty much the best vibes). Word on the street is that vocalist/guitarist/frontman Chris Loporto spent years playing drums in other bands before deciding to step up to the mic and form this band. If that’s true, we’ve gotta get out there and discover what other drummers are hiding their true talent. Do we have to get Neil Peart on the mic for a tryout? Patrick Carney? Tommy Lee? On second thought, let’s quit while we’re ahead.