Head Wound City cover Ministry’s “Just One Fix” – News

0526headHead Wound City cover Ministry’s “Just One Fix”

Head Wound City – the supergroup with members from The Locust, The Blood Brothers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs – has released their high octane cover of Ministry’s classic “Just One Fix.”

Lead singer Jordan Blilie says, “I remember having my mind blown by Ministry’s Psalm 69 when I was 12 years old. For whatever reason, they came up a lot when we were writing and recording our album. So, when it came time to do a b-side it only felt right to do “Just One Fix.” I love playing it; it makes me feel 12 again.”

Head Wound City released A New Wave of Violence via VICE Records on May 13th. The album marks the band’s first release with new material in 11 years. Formed in 2005, Head Wound City is made up of members of The Locust, The Blood Brothers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. All come from diverse backgrounds, steeped in metal (thrash and grind in particular), Goth, and every permutation of hardcore and punk imaginable. HWC are loathe to get into direct musical comparisons, knowing that any band used as a frame of reference will be written on their tombstones. Yes, the shadow of The Birthday Party looms, as if Nick Cave was raised on powerviolence and a Classics Illustrated version of the Old Testament. Or maybe it’s the sound of powerviolence conceived brats who were listening to “Mutiny in Heaven” when they should have been reading their scriptures. If Head Wound City doesn’t exactly worship a god or wraith they at least suspect that we’re going to get—or are already getting—what we deserve. Point is: either God is dead or seriously pissy, and Head Wound City was raised by inattentive bats, and it shows/works.