Phil X & The Drills – Right On The Money – Music Stream

Phil X & The Drills

Right On The Money
(Golden Robot Records)
Release Date: June 10, 2020
by Scott Hefflon

Phil X stepped in for Richie Sambora in Bon Jovi in 2016, but the Canadian guitarist had been prolific session guitarist for a decade prior to that. “Right On The Money” is way too long at 4:45,  and while it holds the attention through the breakdowns (the first slut-swagger is kind of like “Teas’n, Pleas’n” by Dangerous Toys, minus the scatting, which I don’t get to reference too often) and “Radar Love” drum & bass build-up, the song structure and the strength of the chorus make it work, with gonzo solos tripping over themselves to wow you. The backing “whoa-oh” vocals learned from pop punk and “For Your Love” covers by talented ’80s cover bands thicken the sound, and surely make a lively live performance. It’s hard not to chant along to “Right, right, right on the money…” A rock anthem to behold.