David Duchovny to Release Third Album, Gestureland, on August 20th – News

David Duchovny to Release Third Album, Gestureland, on August 20th

The set is the follow-up to Every Third Thought (2018) that All Music called “eloquent, alt-rock-kissed country-folk in the vein of Wilco and the Wallflowers.” 
Gestureland builds on the musical and lyrical themes of its predecessor while exploring some new territory as heard on the first single, ‘Layin’ On The Tracks.’  Duchovny felt passionately about putting a song out around the election as the country braced. It premiered on Rolling Stone.com, and of the track he says:  “I just wanted to go on record in a way that was both personal and political.”  The songwriting for Gestureland is indeed a mix of political and personal exploring how people are more immersed in a virtual world, everyone making gestures rather than truly connecting.

“The album represents three years of songwriting over which time I think we developed into a band, so there’s a stronger element of deep collaboration here. The songs are obviously inspired by present-day life and problems, but we hope to make them universal. We also stretch our sound a little — getting both heavier and lighter at different times. You want to know which songs are about me? None of them. They’re about you.”  – David DuchovnyRecording for the album started in February of last year at Outlier Studio in update New York and was finalized after a long pause due to Covid earlier this year at The Birdhouse in New York City. Joining Duchovny once again on the album is Colin Lee (Keys), Pat McCusker (Guitars, Synths), Mitchell Stewart (Bass), Keenan O’Meara (Guitars), and Davis Rowan (Drums.) McCusker talks about finishing the album: “Shortly after our time at Outlier, the pandemic hit. After a month or so of being in full lockdown mode, we started recording overdubs and vocals at our studio in Long Island City. To have our own space to be able to finish Gestureland safely throughout 2020 was a blessing. The more we’ve all worked together, the more we’re all taking risks and tapping into new influences.” 

Gestureland Tracklist:
1. Nights Are Harder These Days
2. Holding Patterns
3. Chapter and Verse
4. Everything Is Noise
5. Stay Until
6. Tessera
7. Layin’ On The Tracks
8. Playing At The Same Dream
9. Call Me When You Land
10. Mind Of Winter
11. Pacific Coast Highway
12. Sea Of Tranquility

David Duchovny is best known as an award winning actor, director, and novelist starring in the smash TV shows The X-Files and Californication winning a Golden Globe for both. His first novel, Holy Cow, was released by Farrar Straus and Giroux in February 2015 and hit the New York Times Best Sellers’ list. This was followed up by his second novel, Bucky F*cking Dent, released globally in 2016, which also hit the New York Times Best Sellers’ list. He released his third Nationally bestselling novel, Miss Subways, in 2018, and his most recent novel, released earlier this year, Truly Like Lightning, is now in development at Showtime. He just released The Reservoir, an audible original, and recently wrapped shooting on The Bubble, a new Judd Apatow film. On the music front, Duchovny is eager to take the show on the road “I always get such a kick playing live. We make our show into a whole evening, and take people on a journey. I can’t wait to do a version of this album for a tour.” Live dates will be announced this summer.