Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric fame releases Debut Solo Single – News

Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric fame releases Debut Solo Single

Velvet Blue Music announces “From the Womb of the Morning The Dew of Your Youth Will Be Yours,” the debut solo single from Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric fame. Joy Electric released 14 albums and cultivated a worldwide fanbase, music scene, and the annual Autobahn Electronic Music Festival before disbanding in 2012.

“From the Womb…” is an instant-classic Ronnie Martin anthem showcasing a kaleidoscopic wall of his signature Moog synthesizer sounds supporting a soaring chorus and poetic, otherworldly lyrics. Longtime Joy Electric fans accustomed to Martin’s intricate analog synthesizer programming will be surprised by his newfound embrace of thundering drum machines that pound through the mix and recall the widescreen, cinematic synthesizer records of the halcyon ’80s. “From the Womb…” re-centers Martin’s classic songwriting and synthesizer soundscapes in a post-Stranger Things world that is only beginning to catch up to the sounds he pioneered years ago and continues to push to new levels of composition and emotion.

The single is supported by a blown-out remix courtesy of Golf Slang, the solo electronic project of Jamie Bozeman of cult rockers Luxury.

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2nd single, “Snow Like Wool” out on Dec. 3rd
Full length in early 2022 (the giant vinyl slow down, keeps us from announcing an official date yet) geez!