The Keepers – Review

October 1, 1993

Written and drawn by Phillip Owen this story is mainly based in Northampton, MA. Gives us a couple of heroes that draw on there heritage.

International Tattoo Art – Review

September 1, 1993

There are articles on facets of the art not seen too often. This includes reviews on other publications, books and videos, as well as interviews.

Like Water for Chocolate – Review

September 1, 1993

Tita’s mother is chopping onions in the kitchen when Tita, still in the womb, begins crying so violently she is born right there amid the spices.

Helter Skelter – Review

September 1, 1993

This version of the story is recounted by assistant D.A. and prosecuting attorney Vincent Bugliosi. If you think the story is slanted, you’re absolutely right.

Corregidora – Review

June 1, 1993

Dealing with the life of a post-slavery black woman, Gayle Jones illustrates the struggle of her main character with a painfully honest depiction.

No-No Boy – Review

June 1, 1993

This is the story of a young Asian American man who chose not to serve in the U.S. Army during World War II and served hard time for it.

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