Moss – Horrible Nights – Music Stream

June 19, 2013

Southampton U.K.’s Moss – from the respected Rise Above record label – certainly earn the all caps of the “pure DOOM METAL” descriptor in their press release.

Witchcraft – Legend – Music Stream

December 11, 2012

The Swedes craft some fine rock tunes, playable in any decade, with strong vocals (manly, but with a bit of humility), and duel guitars that don’t wank.

Orchid – Heretic – Music Stream

December 7, 2012

Bold visuals, manly vocals, tasty riffs, songs with room to breathe, classy keyboards, and lyrics as cosmic and timeless as any on Masters of Reality.

1776 – Music Stream

September 25, 2012

1776 is a Longview, Washington-based band with a fantastic retro sound, recalling ’60’s garage rock.

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