Hot Lunch – Music Stream

July 31, 2013

Big amps, lots of wah and distortion, Kyuss-souled stoner rock yahoo, and “Killer Smile” has drum fills Sabbath’s Bill Ward would approve of.

Bottom – MMXII EP – Music Stream

July 5, 2013

Bottom has always been heavy and dark, but not like this! 2013 Bottom leans more Melvins/Blag Flag, with huge slabs of guitar fuzz to get their point across.

Moss – Horrible Nights – Music Stream

June 19, 2013

Southampton U.K.’s Moss – from the respected Rise Above record label – certainly earn the all caps of the “pure DOOM METAL” descriptor in their press release.

Witchcraft – Legend – Music Stream

December 11, 2012

The Swedes craft some fine rock tunes, playable in any decade, with strong vocals (manly, but with a bit of humility), and duel guitars that don’t wank.

Orchid – Heretic – Music Stream

December 7, 2012

Bold visuals, manly vocals, tasty riffs, songs with room to breathe, classy keyboards, and lyrics as cosmic and timeless as any on Masters of Reality.

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