Helmet – Unsung: The Best Of (1991-1997) – Review

March 15, 2004

A long overdue retrospective of one of the most influential heavy bands of the last decade. This chronicles the almighty Helmet through their full-lengths Strap it On, Meantime, and (the criminally underrated) Aftertaste.

Helmet – Aftertaste – Review

June 1, 1997

After a not-so-Helmet effort with 1994’s Betty, Page Hamilton and company come back with full knuckle-busting, abrasive force with Aftertaste.

Bored Generation – Review

November 1, 1996

The faves of surfers, skaters and snowboarders on an enhanced CD. Some unreleased tracks. And the interactive part of the disc is actually (gasp!) interactive.

Music For Our Mother – Review

September 1, 1996

Music For Our Mother is a whole bunch of alterna-rock artists doing surf songs, surf related songs, earth conscious songs, and completely unrelated songs.

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