Bored Generation – Review

Bored Generation

by Scott Hefflon

The faves of surfers, skaters and snowboarders (according to Board mag’s readers’ polls) on an enhanced CD. Unreleased tracks like Pennywise‘s “Don’t Care/Live Fast, Die Young,” Rancid‘s “Blast’Em,” and NOFX‘s “Drugs are Good” are additional bonuses to the special remixes of Souls of Michief‘s “That’s When Ya Lost,” Casual‘s “That’s How It Is, Part II,” and album greats like The Offspring‘s “Bad Habit,” Daredevils‘ “Hate You,” Helmet‘s “Wilma’s Rainbow,” Beastie Boys‘ “Nervous Assistant,” and Primus‘ “Hellbound 17 1/2 (Theme from).” And the interactive part of the disc is actually (gasp!) interactive. There’s the living room screen with a bunch of punk accessories strewn about that link to stuff. The skateboard links to a bunch of top-notch skaters doing their thing on sidewalks, stairwells, and skate parks. Tapping the mouse on the snowboard links you to, are you ready for this?, snowboarding videos. Aerial shots of dudes and dudettes (presumably; they’re all bundled up so it’s kinda hard to tell) jumping, spinning, flipping, and plowing sheets of snow across the cameraperson. During the action in both cases, the aforementioned bands are jamming, and you can switch bands as well as boarders. You can also fast forward, rewind, pause or choose between two speeds of slow motion. Also included are band bios, photos, and songs. Additional gags are worked in for your amusement. Good sound, both fluid and choppy to keep it interesting, and plenty of interactive choices to keep you busy.