The Torture Never Stops – Fiction

February 1, 1996

The fat child stuck her tongue out at Henry. The father made a waving, dismissive motion with his hand. Henry stacked the plates and carried them to the kitchen.

Aliens Got My Mom! – Fiction

February 1, 1996

Nathan thought of Jake Fist. Jake was cool. Jake could handle fleshy-headed mutants. Jake wasn’t afraid to walk to the bathroom if he had to pee really badly.

Peach – II – Review

December 1, 1995

Another band from Seattle that sounds just like a band from Seattle. I’d throw some names around, but I don’t really want to.

JRZ System – Review

December 1, 1995

Imagine a somewhat pissed-off Joe Satriani leading a ferocious hard-funk trio. Sometimes angry, sometimes melodic, but always in the groove.

Animals – Fiction

November 1, 1995

There is less hypocrisy in chopping rats in half than in ordering a pate de fucking foie gras at some inanely insanely expensive restaurant.

moe – at Mama Kin – Review

October 1, 1995

Funk bass popping, twin guitars wailing, and drumskins pounded. Sometimes compared to Phish and often lumped into the “jam band” category.

Mall Maven – Fiction

October 1, 1995

Over the summer, I applied for a job at The Sharper Image, thinking, “This is cool, I’ll wear a tie and play with toys in air-conditioning.”

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