De-Lovely – Review

March 7, 2005

Kevin Kline is masterful – and often barely recognizable – as legendary composer Cole Porter (1893-1964) in this biopic that doubles as a musical. Ashley Judd, finally free from the realm of bad suspense thrillers, also delivers her best work in years, deeply affecting in the role of his highly-supportive wife and muse, Linda Porter. It’s never easy to cram someone’s life into a two hour film, but director Irwin Winkler and writer Jay Cocks have made an earnest effort. From Paris to Venice, and Broadway to Hollywood, there’s little ground they don’t cover, the downside being that much of the film feels like a montage.

In & Out – Review

September 1, 1998

As the characters come to terms with Howard’s gayness, the pace picks up and funny turns hilarious. Rewind the “moment of truth” and laugh yourself stupid.

Fierce Creatures – Review

October 1, 1997

The cast of ’88’s A Fish Called Wanda reunites in a zoo. They try not only to turn a profit, but to match Wanda’s brilliant comedic timing. They fail at both.