Neurosis & Jarboe – Review

March 1, 2004

Jarboe sings atop and within the continual whir and throb with a clean and pure (although varying) tone of death and redemption.

Grails – The Burden of Hope – Review

February 9, 2004

Mournfully beautiful music that’d fit with Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue,” John Cale’s “The Academy in Peril,” Kronos Quartet’s take on Phillip Glass’ “Company.”

Sabers – Specter – Review

October 22, 2003

THIS is textured groove vs. “ambient” rock stuff. Like some early 20th century Swedish classical or the titles on the ECM jazz/classical/improv/space label.

Culper Ring – 355 – Review

September 24, 2003

Kinda like Black Tape For A Blue Girl meets Coil. But wimpier. No song names, no drums, just guitar, violin, vox & sounds. Pretentious as all hell.

Isis – SGNL>05 – Review

February 22, 2002

This five-song creation is high on the artistic meter with both intense heaviness and esoteric melodies that lull you into a state of transcendental bliss.