The Jesus Lizard – Review

April 1, 1998

It’s as if, in their quest for integrity, they forgot what reptile they’re supposed to be – suddenly, they’ve morphed from Lizard to Tortoise.

The Jesus Lizard – Blue – Review

April 1, 1998

For years, the ultimate in alternate sources of power, only to suffer slings and arrows unimaginable when they signed onto the label the Knack recorded for.

Swervedriver – 99th Dream- Review

April 1, 1998

Big, cracked-crystal pop songs with as many noises crammed in as a Sonic Youth or a Hendrix record, but with a steady eye on the perfection of the landscape.

Sonic Youth – SYR3 – Review

April 1, 1998

A sustained burst of tonal improv, with the ubiquitous Jim O’Rourke on hand, which pulsate with ionic radio wave-bursts, trumpet bleats and near-ambient drifts.

Nine Inch Nails : Closure – Review

March 1, 1998

The relentless barrage of bleak symbolism and stylized squalor can get a tad wearying in a single sitting, but you’re unlikely to find better all in one place.

Filler! – #7 – Review

March 1, 1998

A nifty, compact little organ that traverses some of the better waves of the underground sea without the snippy pretension and uppity attitude.

The Saints – Howling – Review

March 1, 1998

Only Bailey remains from the original lineup and the modernized sound is a far cry from the enlightened primitivism of the Ed Kuepper days.

The Saints – Eternally Yours – Review

March 1, 1998

Both punkier in its cynicism (“Know Your Product,” “This Perfect Day”) and slicker in its approach, using full horn sections and more ambitious arrangements.

The Posies – Success – Review

March 1, 1998

They have crawled back to their childhood home (their original label) to gasp out a final course of high-quality pop songs, and then expire.

The Vibrators – We Vibrate – Review

December 1, 1997

“Baby Baby” and “London Girls,” from this pseudo-greatest hits collection, are straightforward, unabashed love songs, more Dave Clark Five than Buzzcocks.

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