November 10, 2019

Art by Opie

Radio Ga-Ga – Fiction

November 1, 1995

I miss the Third World dictators we propped up to save the world from Soviet expansionism. Ever since the Berlin Wall came down, life just hasn’t been the same.

Animals – Fiction

November 1, 1995

There is less hypocrisy in chopping rats in half than in ordering a pate de fucking foie gras at some inanely insanely expensive restaurant.

Support Your Local Scene, My Ass! – Rant

October 1, 1995

Why is it considered cool to find existence so stressful? “My Pain, my Pain!” Yeah, rent sucks. “My Pain, my Pain!” Why don’t you shut up and get on with it?

Reefer Blandness – Fiction

October 1, 1995

It was widely believed back then that marijuana would kick open the doors of perception, a sort of spiritual steroid that could jump-start the divine spark.

Music Theory: It’s Just That- Fiction

October 1, 1995

Over hundreds of years, the modes of Ionian and Aolian were found to be the most stable and were used almost exclusively. They became known as major and minor.

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