The Screws – Review

June 1, 1999

Hell, ya may even be able to call it a “supergroup”: Mick Collins, Terri Wahl (Red Aunts), Dan Brown (Royal Trux), Jeff Evans (’68 Comeback)…

Punk-O-Rama – 3 – Review

April 1, 1999

While there’re songs I like better then those chosen to represent the bands, that might just clue ya into the fact I own a fuckload of Epitaph’s records.

Red Aunts – Ghetto Blaster – Review

September 1, 1998

Punk-as-shit avant noise bound to rejuvenate the chaotic creativity long bled from rock, or a whipped-off gem by musicians too whacked for their own good?

Red Aunts – Saltbox – Review

October 1, 1996

Even after every ‘zine with any taste gushed over #1 Chicken, the banshee bitches didn’t let it go to their heads and, like, learn how to play or anything.

Red Aunts – #1 Chicken – Review

April 1, 1995

With 14 songs in 23 minutes, it’s pointless to do a song by song, and the distort-o-rama kinda runs together into one glorious ass-ripping grrr blur anyway.