Red Aunts – #1 Chicken – Review

Red Aunts

#1 Chicken (Epitaph)
by Chaz Thorndike

Sometimes you worry about raw-as-fuck punk bands in the studio with a budget over 500 bucks. You can get artsy shit called music with production clean-up and no balls. Whelp, #1 Chicken has balls, baby, and these chicks are as nasty as ever. Big Brett’s budget make the Red Aunts sound like Russ Meyer’s meanies who kinda learned to play instruments more to torture than entertain. With 14 songs in 23 minutes, it’s rather pointless to do a song by song, and the distort-o-rama kinda runs together into one glorious ass-ripping grrr blur anyway. Buy this just to piss off everyone, you know. Love it ’cause it’s got more balls than you do. Don’t bother to send fan mail because they’ll still hate you.