Godsmack – Review

January 1, 1999

Being called “Alice in Chains meets Helmet” sounds like a compliment, it really means, “remember the early ’90s sound? Well, this band is stuck there.”

The Undead – Til Death! – Review

November 1, 1998

Bobby’s had a hard time convincing anyone he’s contributed anything of value to the world of music, or that he ever will. The Undead is simply not very good.

REO Speedealer – Review

November 1, 1998

REO Speedealer may as well be screaming “Bring it on, motherfucker, let’s throw down!” for the 15 songs crammed on this 20-minute disc.

Zebrahead – Review

November 1, 1998

If you got excited by Sugar Ray until you realized they were a Gap commercial, Zebrahead may redeem your misplaced faith in funky/pop/metal/hip-hop/punk.

Pro-Pain – Review

April 1, 1998

This exemplifies a stripped to basics approach (imagine Pantera without all the showing off), an urbancore aesthetic that I just don’t find very interesting.

Kreator – Outcast – Review

December 1, 1997

A few of the songs have a cool groove, but the distorted chorus is a little too “Fuckin’ Hostile,” and the cheeseball delay on the vocals is so old, it stinks.

Con Air – Review

December 1, 1997

Lots of quick-witted bad guys say lots of cool bad guy stuff during lots of innovative bad-guys-foil-good-guys-traps in which lots of stuff gets blown up.

Cinema Beer Nuts – Review

December 1, 1997

As with any mixed bag of nuts, some are savory, some are bitter, some are almost candy sweet, and a handful can be swallowed without really noticing any taste.

Son of Spamm! – Review

December 1, 1997

Great fonts, beautiful title pages, interesting drop quotes, good-looking ads for cool stuff, and coverage on a wide variety of topics in the extreme world.

Murder at 1600 – Review

November 1, 1997

A cop movie. It stars Wesley Snipes. Plus it’s got Cherry from The Outsiders, Diane Lane, who’s looking rather delicious, I must say.

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