Antler – Review

December 27, 2004

Antler reside in some of the same classic rock territory as Roadsaw but focus on the mellower, more emotional “lighter in the air” side of things.

Sucking the ’70s – Review

January 3, 2003

Sucking the ’70s succeeds where so many before have failed because the concept encapsulates such a large chunk of space and encourages bands to take chances.

Quitter – Review

May 31, 2002

Quitter features three members of Roadsaw and an ex-member of Milligram, two of the finer bands to emerge from the area in recent times.

Roadsaw – Nationwide – Review

June 1, 1999

They’re loud, they keep it simple, they’re tuned low and mean, they stomp all over the stage (usually drunk, as is the audience), they have a sense of humor.

In The Groove – Review

June 1, 1999

This comp swings a huge horse dick of walloping smut that pulls from bands you may not recognize yet, but will if you have any interest in organic meta-spew.

Welcome to Meteor City – Review

November 1, 1998

Ranging from angry, distorted howls to soulful, dirty dirge rock, the bands here assembled show their influences of vintage guitar rock, metal, and grunge.

Roadsaw – $1,000,000 – Review

July 1, 1995

Call it metal, call it hard rock, at its core, Roadsaw’s sound is like granite. They ain’t even afraid to throw in melody and cool hooks within the grooves.