Pistol Whip – Terminal – Review

May 1, 2010

Like the ’70s bands Death and The Dogs, Pistol Whip is a long-lost treasure from an era when rock ‘n’ roll was just a solid kick to the scrotum.

Teacher’s Pet – Review

June 1, 2008

Classic, mid/late-70s amped up guitar rock and roll with the churnin’, yernin’, burnin’, winsome gal crazy focus firmly grasped in hand.

Pagans – The Blue Album – Review

May 1, 2008

One step up from boot recording, a rock and roll attack based in the classic Who, Stones, Pretty Things, ’60s Anglo-attack shot through a snot-garage attack.

Amps II Eleven – Review

September 27, 2004

Murderous punk boogie, jacked-up viscous kickass, Doc Martin vs. four-inch platform stomp-a-longs; three chords and a cloud of dust.

Rocket From The Tombs – Rocket Redux – Review

March 22, 2004

David Thomas of Pere Ubu and Cheetah Chrome of Dead Boys felt the band they split from (RFTT) had “unfinished business.” 26 years after the band split, they toured. The next year, this basically live-in-the-studio disc appears.